Code Red Fact Sheet

About CodeRED What it is and how it works:
  1. CodeRED is a Web-based notification system that allows us to craft a pre-recorded message and send it almost instantly to residents in the event of an emergency.
  2. CodeRED is able to make up to 1,000 calls per minute. (60,000 calls per hour.)
  3. CodeRED is able to select phone numbers for calling based on a call list or by using a map to select an area.
  4. Residents are able to register their home phone, work phone, cell phone or e-mail in order to receive alerts from CodeRED. Residents need to sign up for the weather alert portion separately.
  5. Calls are placed through a national center at CodeRED, and will therefore not tie up our county’s phone lines in an emergency.
  6. The county is purchasing CodeRED’s optional weather alert system, which is tied into the National Weather Service.

Who is participating:

  1. Portage County, the City of Stevens Point and Village of Plover UWSP
  2. The public school districts in Portage County (Almond-Bancroft, Tomorrow River)
  3. Canadian National Railroad – The company contributed $5,000

What the costs are:

  1. CodeRED will cost $20,000 per year for the base program plus the weather alert program.
  2. The cost of CodeRED will not increase for Portage County, according to the company. It is a fixed cost.
  3. Schools are contributing approximately 50 cents per student.
  4. Canadian National contributed $5,000 for the purchase of CodeRED.
  5. Portage County has signed up for CodeRED for one year, but has asked local contributors to make a commitment to the program for two years.

When it begins:

  1. CodeRED started in February of 2009.

Why we are participating:

  1. CodeRED is a tool that will help us keep our residents safe.
  2. CodeRED allows us to quickly convey important information to our residents.
  3. CodeRED is easy to use, and requires no additional hardware or software.
  4. CodeRED allows us to quickly mobilize our own staff in the event that they need to respond to an emergency.

Some possible uses of the CodeRED system:

  1. HazMat incident, gas leak, chemical spill, terrorism threats, bomb threats
  2. Fires, dam/levy breaks, dangerous water conditions
  3. Missing children, missing elderly, evacuation notices
  4. School closures, early release, school lockdowns
  5. Inmate escapes, hostage situations, gunman situations
  6. Utility outages, street closings, boil water advisories, snow emergencies

What residents need to do:

  1. CodeRED will come ready with a database of many of our residents’ phone numbers. However, residents may want to register additional phone numbers.
  2. Portage County will have a link on its website that allows residents to sign up for CodeRED.

To register:

  1. Portage County CodeRED: Click link at the bottom right of this page. CodeRED .

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